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Patio Shades & Solar Screens
Humble, TX

When looking for commercial or residential property in the Humble area, most people prefer bright and sunny spaces with plenty of light. But without the right shading, the heat and glare of the Texas sun can damage your furniture, fade your fabric, and increase your cooling costs.

Say goodbye to old-fashioned screens, shades, and blinds. Traditional options tend to look drab and outdated in modern homes, standing out like a sore thumb. Their only upside is their ease of use, yet they have limited sun-blocking abilities and don’t do a thorough job trapping cool air inside.

At Allstar Solar Screens, we’ve made it our mission to help protect your home from the sun. We offer top-quality patio shades and enclosures, interior shades, solar screens, and window treatments everywhere in Humble, including Atascocita, Kingwood, Spring and other surrounding areas.

Superior UV Protection
for Your Home or Business

All our UV protection solutions are built to stand the test of time with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Our popular solar screens are made from durable woven polyester yarn coated in vinyl, which makes them very distinct from traditional aluminum-wire window screening. The weave design allows for superior ventilation, blocks UV rays, and allows you to see through them clearly.

The resulting incoming light, soft and non-glaring, won’t damage your skin, home, or furniture. Our team can insert these custom-sized and removable shading screens either externally or internally onto your patio, doors, windows—or all the above.

Our light-filtering screens are available in a range of earth-tone colors to complement the exterior or interior color scheme of your home or commercial space, and our window treatments come in a variety of stylish options. Even better, every product we put out is sturdy enough to stand up to pet paws of all sizes.

Whether you want to insect-proof your porch or protect your furniture from UV fading, our team can craft the perfect solution for your needs.

Atascocita Motorized Solar Shades

Our UV Protection

Solar Screens

Solar Screens

Crafted with Phifer Suntex fabrics, our solar screens offer the ultimate in UV protection and double as insect screens to keep bugs out in the process. Depending on the fabric weave you select, they can block more than 90% of the sun's heat, lowering your heating costs and protecting you and your home's furnishings from sun damage. We offer 12+ color and fabric choices and provide free samples so you can see firsthand the quality of our products.

Indoor shades for window

Interior Shades

If window screens aren’t your style or your windows don’t open, our interior roller shades might be the perfect option. They offer the same reliable UV protection as or screens and are available in a wide range of colors, fabrics, and designs. You can opt for manual, motorized, or even smart-phone integrated lift operation.

Indoor blinds for windows

Window treatments

Whether you need plantation shutters, pleated shades, or blinds, you can trust in our experienced team. We can provide numerous elegant options to protect your Houston home from the sun. You could opt for the classic Café Style shutters for a little southern country charm or sleek PVC blinds for a modern look and choose your favorite materials and colors. Our sun-blocking solutions—available in fabric, plastic, and wood—are popular due to their price and versatility.

Patio Shades

If you dream of a sunroom, we can create a fully-functional shaded patio room that gives you extra space for work or leisure. We offer free estimates complete with on-site measurements to ensure accurate pricing. Like our interior shades, you can choose from manual, motorized, or smart lift systems.

Patio enclosure

Patio Enclosures

Don't need a retractable option? Our patio screen panels function similarly to solar window screens—but protect your entire patio. They are also made of the same high-quality materials and provide unsurpassed UV protection. No matter what vision you have for your patio, we can ensure it's well shaded.

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The Benefits of a Bit of Shade.

More than just a way to prevent heat and glare from entering residential and commercial properties, UV shading will reduce your energy bills over time.

Shading is a delicate process involving screening off doors, windows, or any areas that get too much sun exposure. Although window shades and screen panels may be enough for smaller dwellings, large living spaces need professional-grade window treatments that’ll get the job done.

You’ll also save on the costs of cooling and the replacement of furnishings. Whether it’s inside your living space or on the patio, a shading screen protects your furnishings from the damaging effects of the sweltering Humble sun. Furniture fabrics fade over time with continuous sun exposure, causing you to need to replace the fabric sooner than intended.

Heat and glare increase the temperature of your home or office and make your AC unit work harder. Cool air also passes through windowpanes and doors while it absorbs heat from the sun. With our sun-blocking solutions, you should face none of these issues and can cut cooling costs by 30%.

Why Choose
All star Solar?

Dazzling Variety. Fabric and materials don’t have to be white or wood, even if they are common choices. Our collection of premium-grade woven fabric and hard window treatments lasts longer, looks stellar, and prevents you from overpaying on energy costs.

Pet-Friendliness. Are you worried about Fido pawing on your window or door screens? With our durable and high-quality shading products, your pets can enjoy the view without damaging the material on your doors and windows.

Motorization and Automation. Are you tired of manually pushing and pulling your screens or shades? Motorized, fully-automated screen panels and doors won’t have you running to open and close the blinds for shading when the midday glare hits. No electricity? No problem. Ask us about our sunscreens and shutters. We’re always more than happy to provide free estimates for our services.

Ready to start your project now?

Get the Best
UV Blocking Solutions
in Humble.

100% Custom Solutions. Every door, window, and patio is different, so our products accommodate your structural nuances. Our service professionals will sit down with you to explore your preferences and needs and then give you a free estimate based on the prices of the fabric and materials you choose.

Professional Installation. With our professional installation methods, we respect your time and ensure that we are in and out without inconveniencing you or your customers.

Premium Quality. We believe that premium-quality materials not only function better but help property owners maximize the benefits of their window screens and shutters.

At Allstar Solar Screens, we proudly serve the greater Houston area from our company base in Humble. With free estimates and exceptional customer service, you can count on us to shade your house or commercial property’s interior and exterior. Get in touch with our team at (832) 606-8104 today or send us a message from our contact page.