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4 Benefits of Installing Roman Shades in Your Home

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Roman shades are window treatments that can block out light, add privacy, and even reduce glare. They are also a great way to make your home more comfortable when you need extra shade but do not want to open up all the windows.

There are many different types of Roman shades available on the market today, and one of the best providers of this kind of window treatment is Hunter Douglas. So what are the benefits of Roman shades? Let us take a look at those below:

1. They add privacy to your home

Nothing beats a good set of Roman shades when it comes to adding privacy to your living space. These kinds of window coverings allow for complete control over who sees into your house from outside. You can choose between blackout or translucent options, so you have plenty of choices regarding how much sunlight gets through. It allows you to keep unwanted people away while still letting enough natural light come inside. Blocking out the sun’s rays can also protect your floors and furniture from fading over time.

2. They are energy-efficient and help save you money.

One of the most significant advantages of having Roman shades installed in your home is energy efficiency. They let some light get through means there will not be as much heat loss during the summer months. In addition, if you live somewhere where winters tend to be cold, then installing these kinds of window treatments could help prevent drafts coming in around doors and other openings. It may not sound like a big deal, but keeping warm air inside your house is vital because it helps save money on heating bills!

3. They are available in specialty shapes.

Another benefit of Roman shades is that they are available in different sizes. It means that you will not have a problem looking for something that will fit perfectly with the shape of your windows. They do not just fit traditionally-shaped windows; Roman shades can also fit specialty-shaped windows, including patio, sliding-glass, and French doors. So whatever type of window you are trying to cover, the chances are that Hunter Douglas has an option for you.

4. They come in different styles and patterns.

Finally, another advantage of Roman shades is style. Most homeowners love the idea of getting creative with their interior design by choosing unique colors and patterns. With Roman shades, you can easily incorporate your taste into your decorating scheme. For example, you could pick a solid-colored fabric to match a particular color palette or go bold with patterned window treatments.

Hunter Douglas Roman Shades at Allstar Solar Screens

At Allstar Solar Screens, we offer Hunter Douglas Roman Shades and other products for our clients in Humble, Texas. Our collection from Hunter Douglas includes VIGNETTE®, SOLERA®, and DESIGN STUDIO™, and can help elevate the look of every room in your home.

We are more than happy to answer questions about our selection and installation process. Contact us online or call 832-606-8104 to learn more about our different products and services.

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