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4 Reasons Why Solar Shades Are A Good Investment For Your Home

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Solar shades are an ideal solution to rooms in your home that receive excessive sunlight. Natural light is great, but if it becomes too much, it can be a nuisance and can result in serious problems in the long run. Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to health issues, glare, and costly damage to furniture, carpets, and other surfaces at home.  

Solar shades can block off sunlight, provide privacy, reduce heat and glare, and protect you and your home from the harmful effects of UV rays. They are an excellent investment for your home. Whether you just moved into your new home or you are renovating it because you plan on selling it, install solar shades to reap the following benefits. 

Invest in Your Home: 4 Reasons to Get Solar Shades 


1. Unlimited decorating possibilities 

Solar screen shades are extremely versatile. Install them and open a “window” of unlimited opportunities in decorating your home. Put them in the living room as a standalone window treatment. Due to their sleek design, they can be placed behind curtains or drapes.  

If installed in the bedroom, they can be pulled down behind the curtains for additional privacy while sleeping or changing clothes. You don’t have to give up the aesthetics of having curtains in your room because solar shades instantly add a layer of privacy with their roll up and down mechanism. This also solves the problem of opening and closing thick and heavy drapes that are more susceptible to wear-and-tear.  

2. Save energy 

You don’t need expensive or super high-tech window applications to cut down energy costs. Slash your energy expenses with the simple solution of having these window coverings at home. They reduce heat coming into your home from direct sunlight and insulate your windows from drafts and leaks.  

Among the different window covers available, solar shades are one of the most effective in helping you save energy. They are designed to form a barrier between your windows and your room. They effectively keep cool air in when your air-conditioner is turned on and maintain a comfortable temperature even when it is extremely hot or cold outside, which translates to significant savings be it summer or winter.  

3. Improve sound insulation 

Noisy neighbors, nearby construction, or busy neighborhood traffic will no longer be an issue because solar shades effectively dampen exterior sound. Staying at home will be a lot more restful despite having many exterior sources of noise. 

4. Increase home value 

Solar shades come with a lot of pros in terms of functionality and aesthetics. They are easy to clean and maintain, too. There are many options available that are compliant even with strict homeowner’s association (HOA) rules. The cordless option makes it certain that they are child-safe and pet-safe. Overall, they add to the value of your home, which makes them a great addition even if you intend to sell your house any time soon. 

Invest in the Right Solar Shades 

Solar shades come with a ton of customization options. Choosing the perfect customization can get tricky. Our experts here at Allstar Solar Screens are happy to guide you through your journey—from assessing your needs to installation and maintenance of this type of window treatment. 

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