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If you want to increase the value of your property but are not keen on rebuilding your home, you can still do so in the form of sweat equity.

In terms of home value, sweat equity is the labor (sweat) and time you dedicate to increase the value of your property. It landscaping your lawn, repainting your home, and adding carpeting. Installing solar screens, patio shades, and window treatments also count as sweat equity. Though these might look like small touches, they can increase the value of your property.

Adding solar screens may require effort but it’s a good price to pay for increasing your home’s value. We at Allstar Solar Screens can help you with this through our fast and convenient solar screen installation. We only use the highest quality and craftsmanship on our products, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are getting value for your money.

5 Reasons why you Should Add Solar Screens as Sweat Equity


1. Solar screens improve the livability of your rooms

Window shades, solar screens, and window treatments are more than just regular curtains and blinds. They cool down your living spaces, improving the livability of your home. You can extend your living space by installing quality solar screens in all parts of your house.

2. Window treatments prevent sun damage to your furniture 

Unfiltered light can damage your furniture, carpets, and upholstery. Without window treatments, they can fade more quickly, reducing their value. Solar screens help preserve your furniture by blocking harmful UV rays. Filter out the light and prevent sun damage when you install these interior shades.

3. Window treatments and solar screens can lower your energy bill

Solar screens, window treatments, and interior solar shades help regulate the heat in your home. They keep the heat out in summer while helping retain the heat in winter. Save on your energy bill by as much as 35% when you install solar screens in Humble, TX! Allstar Solar Screens can keep the heat out without blocking your view.

4. Installing patio enclosures creates a livable space outdoors

Patio enclosures, can add extra living space—or even a home office—outdoors. Installing these screen rooms or sunrooms add extra space, whether you use it for work or leisure.

5. Block UV rays even outdoors

Even with the heat in Humble, TX, you can still enjoy leisurely time in your patio or backyard. Install patio shades and extend your livable space outdoor. There are various patio shades and patio enclosures you can choose from, including roller shades that can protect your entire patio from sunlight. Our outdoor shades at Allstar Solar Screens block up to 93% of harmful UV rays, so you can be comfortable when you spend time outside.

We Know The Importance of Quality at Allstar Solar Screens


Our experienced crew at Allstar Solar Screens can help you install quality shutters, blinds, and shades in the Humble, TX, area, including Spring and Huffman. You can consult with us first at (832) 606-8104 and we will recommend the best solar screen to match your needs.

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