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The sun shines relentlessly in Humble, Texas especially in the summer, but Texans are no stranger to the scorching heat virtually all year round. Although summer calls for barbecue parties by the swimming pool or camping trips with the family, it comes with the challenge of keeping the house cool and cozy. 

The simplest and most economical way to combat the sweltering heat is to have professionally-installed solar screens at home. Good solar screens are made from high-quality fabric, which ensures long-lasting durability. They are available in a wide-range of colors to easily match the color scheme of your home’s exteriors. They can be installed in different parts of the house—the windows in every room, the balcony, and the patio—depending on your needs. 

Aside from making sure that your home is cool even in the summer, solar screens are an economical investment. Understand the following reasons to help you decide why solar screens are worth it for your home. 

5 Key Benefits of Solar Screens 


1. Cut AC costs and save money  

The summer season demands for greater use of your home’s air-conditioning system. With the AC turned up and turned on for longer periods of time, it will translate to higher electricity cost.  

Since solar screens minimize the heat entering your home, you no longer need to rely heavily on your air conditioner. Even with record high heat, your electric bill will not reach record high. There is a 30% to 35% expected savings on electricity. In just one year, you can get a return on your investment in having solar screens installed.  

2. Protect against the sun’s harmful rays 

Solar screens provide UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Unlike conventional curtains or drapes, and even film covers, solar screens do not absorb heat. They make sure that your windows do not become heat sources that raise your home’s temperature. 

With solar screens serving as blockage and bouncing off the sun’s rays, your furnishings such as your furniture, decors, and floors are protected from damage and fading. Glare spots are reduced on your smartphones, computer displays, and TV screens. 

3. Give a level of privacy  

Although solar screens provide a level of privacy and light filtering, they do not obstruct the great view outside. They come with a level of heat rejection—70%, 80%, or 90%— and a corresponding level of openness, which is dictated by the size of its holes that allow light to come in. Solar screens with heat rejection of 70% have a level of openness of 30%.  

Choose the right level of openness. This is especially important if you have indoor plants because they would love the right amount of sunlight so they can grow delightfully. 

4. Improve home aesthetics 

For added curbside appeal, solar screens are the best choice. They are available in a selection of colors so finding one to match your exterior will never be a problem. With improved aesthetics, this can drive up your home’s resale value. 

5. Offer an economical solution in the long run 

There are many exterior upgrades you can get but solar screens are by far the most practical choice. Awnings can protect your windows but they easily get sun-damaged and are a challenge to remove when you need to during winter. Solar screens are virtually maintenance-free, are easy to uninstall and reinstall, can beautify your home with the right color choice, and can help you combat the blistering Humble, Texas summer. 

Yes, Solar Screens Are Worth It! 


Get trouble-free solar screen installation from our experts here at Allstar Solar Screens. Choose from a variety of colors and different levels of openness that satisfy your needs. We offer custom installations to perfectly design the exterior of your home. 

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