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We all have seen and read a lot about interior window solar screens but do you know that they even come to resolve your exterior issues? Yes, now a lot of choices and options are available in Exterior Solar Window Screens too. Letting you enjoy the view without getting irritated with the sun, these solar screens are the perfect fit for all kinds of home interiors and exteriors. With the wide availability of choices in colors, styles, and patterns, they can meet all kinds of criteria. In general, solar screen fabrics can be divided into three broad categories; namely:

  • Dark fabrics

As the name itself explain, they are dark-colored to minimize the number of light rays entering the space. With excellent glare control characteristics, they can even absorb lots of solar heat. The two most important characteristics to look for while purchasing this fabric are:

  1. It should have high AS (Solar Absorbance)
  2. The lesser the VLT (Visible Light Transmission), the better the choice is.
  • Light fabrics

Most effective in reflecting the heat, light fabrics are the best choice for those who want more visible light in space. But by filtering the amount of light, it can give the right kind of lighter and brighter ambiance as it is desired in many residential and commercial spaces. The two most important characteristics to look for while purchasing this fabric are:

  1. They should possess high RS (Solar reflectance)
  2. And, high VLT (Visible Light Transmission)
  • High-performance reflective fabrics

Scientifically designed high-performance reflective fabrics are designed to outperform both the above-mentioned types of solar screen fabrics. Some of the most commonly and popularly used varieties under this category are:

  1. Silver screen
  2. Enviro Screen

This fabric is best if you don’t want to miss the view while controlling unnecessary glare and solar heat.

But whichever fabric you choose as per your personal taste; a good solar screen fabric will always give:

  • The right kind of natural light management

For all the obvious reasons, it can give the best solar light management. 1233457

  • Glare control and heat control

Yes, they can even avoid the situations of visual fatigue and solar heat discomfort by giving you the right control over it.

  • The best possible UV protection

What’s the use of window solar screens if they cannot protect you and your interiors from the harmful UV radiations of the Sun.

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