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How Solar Screens Reduce Summer Heat

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Summers are unbearable for us for a plethora of reasons. When we think of warm climates, bright sunshine glare coming through our window panes make us uncomfortable. Thus, limiting the amount of sunlight coming through the windows is a good way to make our homes more comfortable and cozier for summery afternoons. Not to mention that it will reduce cooling costs as well. Solar screens are one of several very effective ways to reduce the amount of sunlight shining through our windows.

Solar Window Screens

Solar Screens are the dark screens that have the capacity to bring down the sunlight entering our houses. They can be permanent, removable, less-darker, more-darker, etc., all depending upon your requirement. Solar screens are made of polyester or fiberglass coating and finished with different materials, which makes them durable and stable.

Solar Screens at Home

Best Place to Use Solar Screens at Home

It is vital to use them in a location most suited with lots of sunlight. Many homeowners put the shades on south-facing windows because the south side of any house sees most hours of sunlight during the day. Solar screens can be used on almost any window type as well as on glass patio doors, French doors, or sliding doors.

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The few functions of using solar screens are:

  • Damage prevention: Reduces the fading and damage to textiles, caused by ultraviolet rays
  • Glare Reduction: Solar screens block the glare that appears on TV screens, mirror and other things in the room
  • Ventilation: They do not impede airflow from outside. They reduce the dust and pests entering the house
  • Possible Cost Saving: It reduces the energy required to cool your house during summers and brings down the overall expenditure
  • Heat Reduction: Intercepts the sunlight and limits brings down the light and heat entering the house
  • Winter Usage: During winters, they keep the heat inside the house. This can also eliminate the need for interior plastic films etc.

Solar Screens are an effective and inexpensive means to achieve protection and savings to enhance your home, not only in summers but all throughout the year. Allstar Solar Screens is a reliable and trusted business established in 2005. Allstar Solar Screens aims to offer better quality, services, and prices with a personal touch on your window treatment experiment. All their treatments, including solar screens, come in an array of colors and patterns to give you a multitude of choices to find the perfect design for your living space.

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