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Keep the Heat Out of Your Home With These Window Treatments

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The weather in Texas can be extreme. Summers in the state tend to get very hot, making everyone feel uncomfortable even when inside the house. A great way to ensure that your indoor space is cool and cozy is by installing a window treatment. Aside from keeping the heat out, window treatments help save on energy costs and provide extra protection for your home.

What Window Treatments to Use to Effectively Keep the Heat Out?


1. Cellular Treatments

Cellular treatments are window treatments that resemble the shape of a honeycomb. This unique shape allows the window treatment to trap air effectively and cool down your space. It also works as an energy barrier when cool air tries to escape.

There are different kinds of cellular treatments: single cell, double cell, or triple cell shades. These correspond to different R-values that measure their specific thermal resistance.

2. Drapes and Curtains

Installing drapes and curtains can make your home comfortable even in the summer heat. However, keep in mind that their ability to reduce heat depends on their color and fabric type. According to the Department of Energy, drapes and curtains that are medium-colored with white plastic backings can effectively reduce heat gain by 33% when they’re installed on windows that directly receive sunlight.

3. Window Tinting

Window tints or window films help cool down your home without blocking your view of the outdoors. One of the most recommended window films to effectively reduce heat is solar films. This kind of window treatment absorbs and reflects the sun’s UV rays to regulate indoor temperature.

You can also install window tints in combination with other treatments such as curtains or blinds to further cool down your home.

4. Plantation Shutters

Another window treatment that can reduce heat gain inside a room is plantation shutters. Since plantation shutters are installed close to the window, they tend to have fewer gaps, and thus, they are more efficient in preventing cool air from escaping. It’s recommended to keep plantation shutters closed during warmer seasons so that they can reflect some of the sun’s energy and keep heat out.

5. Patio Shades

Patio shades are an excellent way to keep the hot and humid weather out of your home. There are different varieties of patio shades available on the market. Get one that is motorized so that you can easily operate it. This kind of window treatment also has other benefits, such as upgrading the look of your outdoor space and offering privacy from the prying eyes of passersby.

Window Treatments at AllStar Solar Screens

Here at AllStar Solar Screens, we offer various window treatments for clients who want to keep their homes cool and cozy in the summer. Our window treatments are available in different colors, styles, and sizes. We can customize them according to your preference. You may consult with one of our team members to know what kind of window treatment best suits your needs and lifestyle. Contact us today at 832-606-8104 to learn more about our different products!

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