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Keep Your Cool: 5 Expert Tips to Protect Your Home from the Sun

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Natural light plays an important role in the functionality and aesthetics of your home. With ample amount of natural light coming into your home, you don’t need to turn on the lights in the morning to make your space bright, which reduces your energy cost. Your home appears warm and cozy, too. 

There is such a thing as too much natural light especially during summer and you don’t want that in your home. Too much sunlight can do a lot of damage to your appliances, furniture, patio, and deck. It can also make your space too hot to stay in comfortably. A more serious repercussion is getting exposed to the sun’s UV rays that can lead to health problems. 

The solution is to manage the amount of sunlight entering your home. Take a quick look at different rooms in your house to identify which ones need additional protection. Heed the following expert tips to protect your home from too much sunlight. 

How to Protect Your Home from Too Much Sunlight? 


1. Stylize your windows with interior shades 

Bring the charm of any room to the next level while getting protection from the sun’s UV rays with the right interior shades. Reduce solar heat gain and keep the UV rays out without compromising aesthetics. Choose the perfect indoor shades that will match the design of your humble abode. Pick between the chain option or the motorized version. If you’re a little more techie and want something cool that you can show off, get the lift option that offers automation and smartphone access. 

2. Install solar screens 

Block the sun’s harmful rays without obstructing the view with solar screens. These are designed to manage the sun’s heat, prevent wooden furniture and decors from fading, minimize glare, and reduce energy cost by improving HVAC system efficiency. 

Solar screens provide a comfortable shade similar to having a huge tree in your yard. They also add a layer of daytime privacy. 

3. Add sun protection to your outdoor space with patio shades 

Extend your indoor space outdoors by providing continuous flow from your living room to your patio. Protect the area from too much sunlight with the use of patio shades. The simplest solution is to install sun shade sails. While these outdoor shades can be effective, some variants cannot withstand extreme weather conditions. When there’s strong rain, the triangle shade sail may sag due to accumulation of rainwater. Manual roll-up patio screens and motorized patio shades provide a more stable solution.  

Simply roll-up or roll-down the patio screens as needed. The motorized version allows instant sun protection with a push of a button. 

4. Obtain permanent sun protection with patio enclosures 

Make full use of your outdoor area without the worry of getting exposed to too much sunlight with patio enclosures. Not only does this protect your space against the sun but also against bugs and other “uninvited guests.” Don’t worry if you have a pet because you can get a special door installed, which is extremely useful when they get zoomies. 

5. Customize with window treatments 

If the first four solutions aren’t right for you then get custom window treatments. Install the solution you feel is best for your home—be it blinds, plantation shutters, roller shades, cellular shades, and other window coverings. Hire a skilled professional to install the sun protection you need and want for your home. 

Expert Craftsmanship for the Best Sun Protection for Your Home 

Striking a balance between getting enough natural light and the harmful repercussions of getting exposed to UV rays is a tough challenge. Don’t worry our experts at Allstar Solar Screens can assist you to get any window treatment you like. Call us now for free in-home estimates! 

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