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Work from home comfortably outdoors with patio enclosures!

Here in Humble, TX, patio enclosures are becoming more popular. Our neighbors are working remotely because of the pandemic, and are finding unique ways they can do remote work comfortably without feeling stuck at home. One of the ways is to extend your home office by building patio enclosures.

Also called screen rooms and sunrooms, patio enclosures create an extra space outdoors while being protected from the harsh rays of the sun. It’s a home improvement you can add to any patio space, so you can enjoy time outdoors without being too exposed. Building this screened porch creates extra space that’s comfortable, giving you a sense that you’re outside while enjoying the benefits of being indoors. Now, you can get enjoy working on a sunny day outdoors minus the Texas heat!

Two Types of Patio Enclosures for Your Outdoor Work-from-Home Space


Set up your outdoor home office with these two options:

1. Screen room or porch enclosure

Prefer to feel the fresh air while working? A screen room would fit you best. If you have a large porch that you can transform, consider enclosing it so you can create a functional sunroom. Installing a screen room not only protects you from light elements, you also keep off unwanted insects. On top of that, the screen adds extra protection from dust and dirt.

2. Sunroom or glass room patio enclosure

If you are looking for a more sophisticated patio enclosure, then your best bet is a glass room patio enclosure. Compared to a screened patio, this sunroom is more durable. Since it’s made of glass, it is weatherproof and can help protect you from the elements, such as torrential rains and strong winds. Our patio glass room patio enclosure at Allstar Solar Screens would stand all four seasons, so you can stay here comfortably any time of the year.

To further protect your glass room patio enclosure, we advise installing solar shades. This further helps in keeping your space cool, and protecting your furniture from the Texas heat. Opt for a remote motorized shade so you can adjust your shades without getting disturbed from work. With just a few clicks, you can open or close your sun shades.

Note that sunrooms still have windows and doors, giving you an outdoor experience while you work from home. Both sunrooms and screen rooms increase value to your home, so upgrading your home to either would still be a plus for you.

You can also opt for patio shades to keep your cool outdoors. Compared to window blinds, we use high-quality textiles and fabric for patio shades to filter the light out. Whether it’s for a residential or commercial property, you can find one that suits your needs.

Patio Shades and Solar Shade Installation in Humble, TX

Whichever enclosed patio or patio shades you choose, you can rely on Allstar Solar Screens. Our professional crew installs patio shades and solar shades in Humble, TX, including Spring and Huffman.

Convert your patio to your new home office! Call Allstar Solar Screens at (832) 606-8104 for a free consultation.

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