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If treated well even a window can be a focal point of your home. It is for this reason that many interior designers focus on choosing the best window treatments. The right window treatment can change the complete look of any space. Thus, it is very necessary to opt for the right kind of window treatment. But before you choose them you also need to know about their all varieties. Whether you want to opt for roller shades in Houston TX or wish to have plantation shutters in Houston TX; first know what all choices you have before finalizing anyone.

Read further to know more about various window treatment options:

Hard Window Treatments

As the name itself explains hard window treatments are the ones which have been developed by using some hard materials like vinyl or wood. There are many options when it comes to hard window treatments. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Window shutters

Available in both wood and plastic window shutters are one of the most common type of window treatment. Giving an enriched look it actually accentuates your any kind of interiors.

  • Blinds

Whether you opt for pleated blinds or for cellular blinds or for venetian blinds; they give much needed comfortable and cozy look to give any space home-like feeling.

  • Roller shades

It is yet another very popular window treatment which comes in loads of varieties. From manual shades to complete motorized ones; there are lot of options to choose from when it comes to roller shades.

Soft Window Treatment

Unlike hard window treatments, soft window solutions generally come in fabric and are available in forms of:

  • Draperies

Available in various fabric textures, draperies can make your space look sophisticated and elegant. It has loads of fabric, texture, design choices to choose from. So, you can easily get one that fits best with your existing or desired interiors.

  • Austrian curtains

With a touch of luxury, Austrian curtains are actually form the scallops of fabric which look just perfect if you desire for a royal look.

  • Cafe Curtains

One of the most easy-to-handle kind of window treatments are café curtains wherein the curtains are actually hung in rod along the top-most edge of window to give it a more replenished look.

Combination of both or layered window treatments

Although anyone kind of treatment is enough sometimes even the combination can do wonders. But while working on it make sure that it does not look clumsy or over-done. Choose wisely and if possible select it under the interior designer guidance.

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