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When Should You Fix, Replace, or Install Solar Screens?

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Good solar screens are meant to last. These are worthy investments that minimize the harmful effects of the sun, and protect your home from UV rays, glare, and excessive heat.

Thinking if you should replace, repair, or install solar screens in your home? We list down some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide.

Check If It’s Time to Replace Your Solar Screens By Asking These 5 Practical Questions

1. Are there noticeable damages like holes and cracks in your blinds?

Physical damages are one of the top reasons why you should replace your solar shades.

2. Do your solar screens still help you reduce your energy bill?

According to, energy efficient windows could assist in reducing the need for air conditioners and in turn, reduces your energy bill. With this being said, good solar screens reduce the heat that comes inside your homes and traps cool air inside. When you have faulty solar screens (or none at all), your cooling systems or HVAC units work overtime to minimize the hot air.Install good solar screens to have energy efficient homes.

You can even install smart solar shades that you can sync with your thermostat. Doing so will make your room cooler in summer or warmer in winter.

3. Are you upgrading your home? Or have plans to sell it in the future?

Solar shades increase the value of your home. Be it plantation shutters or roller blinds, it creates a more upscale look and feel as compared to traditional blinds. Aside from the outdated look of old-fashioned screens and shades, they also tend to be limited in blocking the sun.

This home improvement will also come beneficial in the future, should you decide to sell your house. Consider getting new solar screens the next time you upgrade. Plus points for getting customized blinds, as this will ensure that the solar shades will fit well on your windows.

4. Are your plants still happy with the sunlight that comes in your house?

Some indoor plants prefer filtered light over direct sunlight. Given the Texas heat, some plants will wilt and die because of too much sun exposure. Installing solar screens will help your plants thrive indoors by letting them get just the right amount of sunlight.

5. Can people outdoors see through your windows?

Solar screens are not only good for filtering out UV rays and bright light, they’re also good for keeping your home safe from passersby. If you don’t feel comfortable with strangers peeping through your windows, then maybe it’s time to install some indoor plantation shutters or window shades. You can install automated blinds which you can close and control using your mobile or smart devices.

All in all, solar screens are practical and efficient in keeping your home protected from several elements. They are worthy investments that would keep you safe in various ways while increasing your home’s value.

When it comes to installing solar screens in Humble, TX, you can rely on Allstar Solar Screens. Our experienced professionals can install solar shades, shutters, and blinds. Get a free consultation on the type of solar screens that would best fit your home. Call us at (832) 606-8104 or get a quote for solar shades to get started.

We service Humble, TX, including Spring and Huffman.

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