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Most people like to make the most of Humble’s balmy summers and warm winters by spending time outside the home. With the advent of social distancing, many homeowners and business owners are in search of ways to spread out their customers while still providing them with a great experience.

Patio enclosures, also known as sunrooms or screen rooms, are a great way to expand your building’s footprint while retaining a sense of the outdoors. With the right supplies, these enclosures can have the safety of an indoor space. They’re excellent for a home environment and even better for commercial buildings.

Patio enclosures add plenty of extra living space in a home, and the same is true for commercial properties. A combination of siding, windows, and smart design will give you the privacy and outdoor feeling that you want from a patio enclosure.

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Styles of Patio Enclosures

Your first decision when starting a home or commercial patio project is whether you want an interior-style enclosure or one that gives a better sense of the outdoors. You can close off an existing patio with glass and doors for an amazing sunroom, or you can extend your current area by adding some large clear windows.

In general, our process for working with commercial clients is very similar to our process with homeowners. We find the best way to add siding, windows, and doors that seamlessly integrates with the building’s existing style.

We’ve worked with many clients concerned about how much screen enclosures will close off their existing porch. We completely understand this worry, especially since one of the best things about having a porch is sitting outside during summer and enjoying a lovely evening breeze.

We’re always careful to preserve the heart of the porch by creating an open flow of air throughout the enclosure. We believe that patio enclosures should be useful throughout the year, so we install strategically-placed windows and doors to give you some shelter from the sun while still leaving the great feeling of an open patio.

An enclosure is a permanent fixture, so it must be something that you can use all year and share with your guests. If your sunroom is not ready for winter, you will not be able to seat a regular number of customers year-round.

For restaurants, a smaller amount of seating can cut into profit margins. Installing a winterized enclosure is a sound investment that will let customers enjoy your menu of offerings even on the harshest of days.

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Why Choose Allstar Solar Screens?

AllStar Solar Screens have worked with many businesses across Humble to expand and improve their buildings. Allstar Solar Screens understands the climate and what people need during winter and summer. We’ve designed more sunrooms for home and commercial use than many of our competitors.

Best of all, with our Energy Star-rated options, you can reduce your operating costs and have the best patio enclosure in town.

Allstar Solar Screens is committed to motorization and automation. Nobody likes having to work on opening and closing windows in a large sunroom, and with our modern screens, your employees can adjust screens with a touch of a button.

If you’re looking at installing a screen room on your deck, please call or email us. You can also get in touch via our website message form.

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