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Patio shades are becoming increasingly popular, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic because they act as a barrier. If you want to allow your customers or workers to sit safely outdoors and get the benefits of outdoor living, shades are essential.

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Types of Shades

Our most simple product is the manual roller patio shade. This shade uses a hand crank andcable guide system to roll up the outdoor shades when they’re not in use. Luckily, the hand crank is easy to use, but most people prefer automated options that make the process easier.

Remote patio shades do away with the hand crank and replace it with a remote-controlled system. This type of patio shade system uses a remote control to decide how high or low on the window the shades should sit. You can use the remote to adjust the shades as the position of the sun changes.

Smart Access
More people are starting to move to smart access controlled systems. These shades rely on home automation platforms to automatically adjust the shades during various times of the day. Using a smart access system means that your patios have all the protection they need throughout the day with no need for human intervention.

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Why Do You Need Patio Shades?

You can use your shades as a way to control the amount of sunlight your patio receives. A UV-blocking shade will provide protection against UV rays and also help with light filtering. The reduction in UV and light in your patio will make it cooler during summer, saving you money on cooling costs.

Nobody enjoys sitting on an outdoor patio completely visible to the rest of the world. Outdoor shades also provide excellent privacy as they shield your staff and customers from prying eyes. Places like schools and day cares love patio shades because they help keep children safe.

You can even use your patio sun shades to add an extra layer of security to your building if you choose the right sun shade materials.

There are plenty of options for patio shades, which means that you can easily find an outdoor roller shade that seamlessly fits your building’s exterior style. Our sun shades come in a host of colors, allowing you to provide welcome shade away from the Texas sun while adding an extra layer of appeal.

We don’t just offer roller shades; Allstar Solar Screens has many other options to give your porches the sun protection they need. We offer several window treatments that stop UV rays in their tracks, as well as others that take advantage of modern motorization and automation techniques.

Installing patio sun shades is a relatively affordable project that will greatly increase your property value. Even if you do not plan to sell, the shades help your business convey its value. For example, restaurants with shades can draw in more traffic because of their secluded venues.

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