Allstar Outdoor Patio Shades for Houston Homes

Are heat and sunlight preventing you from making the full use of your home’s outdoor areas? We know that it can be quite unbearable outside when the mid-day sun is high in the sky. Allstar Patio Shades offer respite from the sunlight and protect you and your family from UV rays with their unique fabric net.

An Allstar outdoor shade can block up to 93% of the incoming UV rays and heat from the sun. When installed on a patio or porch, the Allstar patio shade offers cooler outdoor living spaces, expanding your total usable area. You can relax outdoors with a patio sun shade from Allstar and even organize parties and get together without having to worry about the heat.

Allstar's Exterior Shades

Importance of Outdoor Drop Shades

Retractable drop shades give you the control of your patio and allow more time for outdoor entertainment. You can relax outdoors and enjoy the weather without worrying about the sun. Exterior shades also reduce direct solar heat from entering your home through doors and windows, and can save up to 23% of total energy costs for you annually.

Benefits of Patio Shades:

  • Keeps your home and family protected from sun’s heat and UV rays.
  • Can help in keeping dust and leaves out of your patio and porch.
  • Saves energy costs, otherwise spent on air conditioning, by keeping your home cooler during summers.

Customize your own Outdoor Patio Shades

Allstar’s exterior shades come in numerous shapes and sizes, and can be customized as per your requirements. Moreover, we offer a number of color and design choices to match the shades with your home’s exterior. You can contact us for more information and we will bring samples right to your doorstep.