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Shield your property from the sun with Allstar Solar Screens, the leading provider of stylish window solutions in Porter, TX!

Window treatments should be a mainstay for any Texan property. Not only do they elevate the style of a room, but they also protect it from excessive heat and light.

If you want customized solutions to your home or business’s bare windows, you won’t find a more qualified team of experts than Allstar Solar Screens. We design and create solar screens in Porter, TX, and other window treatments, including:

  • Shades
  • Blinds
  • Screen Panels
  • Plantation Shutters
  • Commercial Window Treatments
  • Smart Window Coverings

After crafting your order, we execute their installations with the utmost professionalism to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Residential Services

Everyone wants a home filled with natural light, but keeping your windows uncovered 24/7 has its drawbacks. Our residential window screens in Porter, TX, offer benefits like:

Improved Energy Efficiency. Cooling bills rise whenever summer rolls around. Window coverings can help insulate your home and save you money during the hotter months.

UV Protection. While it’s important to get your daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun, excess exposure can lead to cancer, premature aging, and other health conditions. Our solar screens and shades in Porter, TX, effectively blocks UV light to protect your household.

Furniture Preservation. Unfortunately, the sun’s rays can also cause your home décor to fade and warp over time. By keeping them in the shade during the brightest parts of the day, you can maintain their condition for many years to come.

Privacy. If you live in the busier streets of Porter, you can shield your indoors from prying eyes with our shades and screens.

Screen Glare Prevention. When you watch TV or work on your computer during the day, the glare can put a damper on your activities. Treated windows can quickly fix this annoying issue.

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Whether you want to refresh a room’s look or you just need more shade from the sun, our window services will exceed your expectations. From sleek, minimalistic styles to warm and rustic designs, we have the skills and experience to fulfil your creative vision.

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Commercial Services

Window coverings might not seem like an essential part of your business at first glance, but they make a big impact in a lot of ways. They can give your interiors a professional look, provide shade for your employees and customers, and lower your cooling costs, among many other benefits. Our smart window coverings also let you control a room’s natural light with voice commands or a simple button press.

Having worked with numerous restaurants, retail establishments, office buildings, and other commercial facilities, you can trust our team to design custom solutions that perfectly fit your budget and specifications.

If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to contact us for a consultation!

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