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Humble, TX Solar Screens

Stay cool in the scorching Houston summer sun and heat with solar screens and window shades that keep temperatures comfortable in your home or office. At Allstar Solar Screens, all our custom-built products suit the diverse needs of residential and commercial property owners. You don’t need to worry about the heat and glare with our custom sunshades that maintain daytime privacy and offer superior sun protection.

Multiple Advantages

Door and window screens rid you of multiple problems at once. Contact Allstar Solar Screens today to learn more about our solar shades and aluminum screens for home and business properties.

Reduces Energy Costs
The price of keeping your Texas home cool can become expensive over time. With our sun-blocking screen fabric, we help you cut down on energy costs and prevent heat gain during those sultry summer and autumn months.

Preserves Furniture
Furniture fabrics fade with time, especially if they are near a screen door or window. Our window screens are different because they block damaging UV rays from entering your home and damaging your fabric surfaces.

Enables Outward Visibility
While a solar screen keeps what happens in your house or office private and prevents others from encroaching on your privacy, it still allows you plenty of visibility so you can look out upon your flowers, lawn, and garden. If you opt for a reflective window screen, you’ll have double the protection during the daytime.

Gives You Variety in Styles and Colors
Solar screens don’t have to be drab to be functional. With multiple screen kits, designs, screen frame sizes, and fabrics, you can add an elegant touch to your property and accentuate its interior or exterior.

Atascocita Motorized Solar Shades

Customizable Solar Screen Varieties

Although they serve the same essential purpose of keeping high temperatures at bay, our customizable solar shades also provide protection against insects and prying eyes.

All-purpose screens have multifunctional uses and are among the most popular choices for homeowners due to their versatility. In addition to sun control, you can seal your home from insect infestations and prevent glare.
These vinyl-coated fabric shading screens provide maximum solar protection. They block over 90% of the sun s heat, ensuring that harmful UV rays don’t fade carpets, furniture, and floorboards.
Insect prevention is a significant concern for homeowners in Texas, especially during seasonal weather changes that cause upticks of pest populations like mosquitoes. Our insect screens create a barrier between your home and pesky insects and prevent them from sneaking through your windows.
We install solar screens for doors and windows that will stand the test of time. Our team at Allstar Solar Screens will measure your windows and doors for custom solar screens and screen kits.
If you need a patio screen or pet screen to keep your four-legged friends inside, our experts can install sturdy pet-resistant screens and retractable screen doors that keep the heat out and include heavy-duty, claw-proof screen fabric.

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With our competitive pricing options, you’re sure to find a solar screen that fits your style and budget. Contact our representatives to learn more about our screen frame pricing and deals. AllStar Solar Screens should be your one-stop solution for all your solar shading needs in Humble, Spring and surrounding areas. Please call us today at (832) 606-8104!

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